It is really hard to imagine our life without sunglasses these days.

It is an indispensable element of sunny weather, trips to the coast, and those days when you do not feel like putting your make-up on. Taking into account that history of sunglasses counts almost 2,000 years, no wonder that sunglasses became so popular and fairly can compete with other daily necessities.

As well as eyes protection, sunglasses are one of the greatest weapons of style. Choose one pair and be a rock star, choose another one and be a queen! We live in the times when we can freely select the style we like and get inspiration from past eras. How about we start from the early year of 1920 and see what the evolution of sunglasses was like?

The year of 1920 is possibly a year of when the sunglasses actually started to have a style (of course a simple one, but still a style). They resembled monocle in many ways – for example, they were similarly set close to the face. The frame though was available in various colors.

Carole Lombard wearing Aviators

Time went on and was overshadowed by the World War II. This is when US Army Air Corps was in need of sun protection for pilots entering the war. This is how the Aviators were born. It was 1936 when people first saw and tried our beloved large sunglasses with a thin wire frame and green lenses. The design got very popular and it became available to the public in 1937.

James Dean wearing Clubmasters

As it always happens one style transforms into another one and Aviators were no exception. In 1940 the world saw such called browline, these days well-known as Clubmasters. Thicker frame along the top of the lenses – this style was popular for regular glasses as well as sunglasses.

Audrey Hepburn wearing Cat Eye sunglasses

By 1950, sunglasses became a trend. Thus, this year can be truly considered as a sunglasses era. Designers started to experiment with styles and forms and this decade brought to the world-famous Square, Triangles, Cat Eye, Heart and Classic retro round sunglasses.

Bette Davis wearing Keyhole sunglasses

Moving forward, there was a Golden Era of 1960 with artistic styles. Sunglasses also stepped in it in a form of keyhole sunglasses. They resembled rounded glasses a lot but had this small keyhole bridge, which made them a sensation!

In this context, it is still important to remember that classics was still on trend and this is why Wayfarers was 1970’s favorites. “The Blues Brothers” wearing Wayfarers were fashion icons of that time and probably only James Bond can compete with them.

These sunglasses are pretty much the same as those we are wearing now but it seems like sunglasses came a long way to get here. Who knows maybe our future will bring even more exciting forms and styles!