There is a popular belief that smart people wear glasses. Smart Look !

For many years it was rather a good way to make fun of your our nerdy friends than a word of science, however recently scientists got curious by this fact and where it comes from, and found a proof of the connection between intelligence and the glasses you are wearing.

German researchers from University Medical Center in Mainz dug this matter deeper and found out that people in glasses are more intelligent. There is a direct relationship between how bad your eyesight is and the number of hours you spent studying at school and doing your homework in general.

The study was published in the journal Ophthalmology, and its results were based on more than 4600 survey participants from Germany aged between 35 and 74 who have nearsightedness. The study discovered that 53 percent of college graduates had the eye condition, versus only 24 percent of people who’d dropped out of high school. Thus, people who need glasses are more likely to go to college and university. This conclusion led scientists to another one – the smarter you are, the more likely you are to suffer from myopia.

Although this study does not count such thing as genetic traits due to which some of us are born with nearsightedness or purchase first glasses early at school, this study yet has the right to exist. After all the world around us with all the environmental factors also influence our vision.

Another scientific impact was made by British College of Optometrists in terms of the psychology of perception. The study proved that people who wear glasses are seen as more intelligent and professional by others.

Julia Roberts and her smart look

This is the stereotype in action – we tend to expect those who wear glasses to be more well-read and of a study-type, and even more than that – those people are perceived as more trustworthy and innocent. In addition, some of the respondents also mentioned that the chance of getting a promotion for people who wear glasses is much higher.

Generally speaking glasses wearers think they are perceived differently when they wear glasses in comparison with days when they don’t, which makes it quite convenient – you can wear glasses for business meetings and job interviews to make a powerful impression!