We keep traveling back in history and introducing you the most exciting eyewear styles of all the times!

From Marilyn Monroe to Elizabeth Taylor and Barbara Windsor – these idols attracted a lot of attention to their choice of sunglasses and cat-eye sunglasses were one of their favorite ones.

Cat-eye glasses entered the fashion world in 50-s and stayed there ever since. However, there is a recent study, which states that there is a direct connection between the style and ancient Egyptians. So maybe cat-eye style was around for a longer time than we can imagine. Both Egyptian men and women wore make-up or we would rather say face paint including dark eyelids and lashes, which formed a dramatic cat-eye look.

Ancient Egyptians makeup style

It is believed the original design was inspired by Egyptian Pharaohs. That might have a shred of truth even though it sounds pretty doubtful, but one way or another, cat-eye frames made a significant twist in the history of fashion at least because they were the first feminine glasses style ever.

The glasses were originally created to be worn only with optical lenses, but after everyone’s favorite Audrey Hepburn wore her cat-eye sunglasses at the Breakfast at Tiffany’s premiere, it became unbelievably popular everywhere and in every possible form.

Audrey Hepburn’s Breakfast at Tiffany’s famous look

Back then the glasses were smaller and the frames were quite massive with a hint of an avant-garde, the sunglasses, for its part were pointy way more than today.

These days cat eye glasses, and especially sunglasses, definitely changed and more famous for its rounder lenses than before and they suit almost every face shape, which is absolutely great!

Cat-eye glasses no longer make you look weird, wearing them (especially with something vintage) will just make you stylish. Vintage though is not the only style option you can choose to compliment your cat-eye shaped eyewear, a modern urban style will make it the same good. So, if you choose minimalistic colors and details, you can no doubt rock the style.

Taylor Tomasi in cat-eye sunglasses

Cat-eye glasses might even work for your business look as well. Even if you prefer just a simply tailored business style, well-selected cat-eye frames can definitely colorize your outfit.

As you can see cat-eye glasses still in trend and can be a great solution for all your style deals. From Pharaohs to famous actresses…now it is your turn to make fashion happen!