I’ve always thought of accessories as the exclamation point of a woman’s outfit – Michael Kors.

…and we can’t dare to disagree!

While the statement is very true, there is even more to that. We don’t perceive accessories as accessories anymore, whether we are talking about handbags or eyewear. The thing is, it became such an important part of our daily lives and a must have or a must be in our looks, that it is no longer just an accessory – it is an independent and essential detail. Even more, the same as you can decorate your bag with a scarf or a pin, the world doesn’t stand still regarding eyewear and now it boasts with its own and quite an impressive list of accessories.

While everyone knows what eyeglass chains and cases look like, this article will highlight new and modern accessories for your glasses. Get ready, it is time to upgrade your eyewear!


Yes, that’s right. Many people find eye chain that can be attached to your glasses an old accessory and suitable for certain ages only since it is often is associated with that well-known problem of putting your glasses down and forgetting where you left them, so for those who do so, there is an eye necklace. Different with styles, and details, it can be used with or without glasses.


Less functional, but more of a stylish deal – decorations. They can be attached directly to the frame, so it will not bother any activity you are doing.


Individual cases are good but a lot of them are taking a space too. That is why glasses lovers come up with an idea of holders – compact shelf for all your eyewear. This is probably the best storage idea ever!


For those who like to keep it simple, there are even brooches! The only difference with a regular brooch is the small ring in the bottom where you can attach your glasses. This is probably the most compact way to keep track of eyeglasses, which can be a beautiful complement to your outfit as well. Brooch eyeglass holders come in many themes and styles!

Eyeglass brooches come with either magnet or with a pin. A magnet is great because it doesn’t leave holes on the clothes, while pin can be attached even to thicker clothes.

Cushioned nose pads

If you wear your glasses for prolonged periods they can irritate the skin on the bridge of the nose through pressure and rubbing, especially if you are wearing a heavier style of frame. Cushioned nose pads give additional comfort while wearing glasses and the cushion pad prevents the skin becoming irritated or sore. They can also be good at fixing your glasses in case of slipping – particularly useful for office workers who anyone who is using a laptop. The cushioned nose pads have an adhesive back for easy application, taking only a few seconds to put in place but giving you lasting comfort.

As you can see there are a lot of inventions to keep your eyeglasses look great, store them the right way and to keep your own comfort at the high level! We hope you found this information useful and meanwhile we, in our turn, will keep an eye on more useful things! Stay tuned!