It is really fascinating how glasses became such an important part of our daily lives and how they got transformed from just a useful tool to an irreplaceable style deal.

Our love to glasses got easily transferred to art – rockstars rocking all kind of styles, movie stars starring in all kinds of possible frames as well. Let’s take a look at the most famous glasses in the history of world’s cinema. A little bit of vintage, a little bit of chic? Yes, please!

I think we’ve mentioned it more than one time here, but no doubt Breakfast at Tiffany’s is our favorite example of a style in sunglasses. It is really hard to imagine anyone but Audrey wearing that exact pair of designer sunglasses and we believe she is the reason why the movie became such a timeless classic! This movie is the starting point for Hollywood divas framing their faces with dark lenses and even now, women are trying to have something Audrey-ish in their fashion looks.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s sunglasses iconic look
Breakfast at Tiffany’s

The 1962’s Lolita is another chic film you must watch if you are into stylish looks! The main character Sue Lyon appears in both the film and theatrical movie poster with a legendary pair of heart-shaped sunglasses. Being the most successful adaptation of Vladimir Nabokov’s story, this movie is probably the best-stylized movie ever too.

Out of all actresses who were considered on the role of Lolita, – Tuesday Weld, Hayley Mills, Joey Heatherton, Jill Haworth, – Lolita Author Vladimir Nabokov agreed with Kubrick that Sue Lyon was right for the role, but years later stated that Catherine Demongeot would have been even better Lolita.

Maybe the author is correct, but what we know for sure is that Sue looks just right in those glasses!

Lolita 1962

While a lot of women are famous for the stylish looks in movies, we should not forget about men characters as well! Remember the Scarface and think about Al Pacino!

Al Pacino casts a shadow on drug dealer Tony Mentana’s threatening glare – one of the most memorable and celebrated performances of his full career – with a pair of memorable sunglasses!

Al Pacino Scarface

Moving from the old classics to modern times, we have even more movies to cover. Harry Potter is one of the brightest examples! This movie hardly needs any introduction, as we are sure there is no person in this world who can imagine the famous wizard without his iconic round glasses. We even dare to say that the glasses are as famous as a Harry Potter itself and as Daniel Radcliffe playing Harry.

The last but not least would be Fight Club with Brad Pitt/Tyler Durden and his sunglasses. While the story itself is quite far from being classy in its traditional sense and has this grunge famous Chuck Palanhiuk’s vibe, the movie adaptation was quite trendy back to the date. After all, after this exact movie, people wanted to look as good as Brad and many how-to-wear-it guides were written because of that.

Fight Club

There are a lot more glasses appeared in movies, realistic and fantasy ones, so we can be pretty sure on how important the eyewear is. Whether you want to look like Tyler or Like Audrey (or like a mix of both), you can go for it! After all, we create characters all the time and we can be our own movie stars!