In the second season of Accrue, we were thinking about movies that inspired us

so much in space and sensibility.

From childhood, the movie has been a familiar source of inspiration for both broad spectrums of people,

as well as science and art.

Motivated by the movies, we planned the second season through the shared word of FRAME,

in the concept of “Looking at the world beyond the Accrue Frames, inspired by Movie Frames”.

Furthermore, with the motifs of the films that inspired Team Accrue, we designed the Frames divided by

Line metal, Bold metal, and Classic.


The top notch director of the suspense thriller Alfredo Hitchcock has directed the films such as <Spellbound> (1945), <I Confess> (1952), <Dial M for Murder> (1954),

<Rear Window> (1954), <The Trouble with Harry> (1955), <Vertigo> (1958),

<North by Northwest> (1959), <Psycho> (1960), <The Birds> (1963).

Spiral stairs frequently appear in the movie ‘Dizzy’, and we have associated it with the frames in a deep rounded bold shape.



‘David Lynn’ directed literary works such as <Oliver twist> (1948), <Great Expectations> (1946), <The Bridge on the River Kwai> (1957), <Lawrence of Arabian> (1962).

In 「Doctor Zivago」, the heartbreaking love story of the unlucky love of Lara and Uri,

the majestic scenes unfurled in the endless snowy field and beautiful music linger forever.

The contradiction of fateful love affair and the background of the misfortune times are desperately beautiful.

There’s a fateful love in Doctor Zhivago, and a delightful reinterpretation in our line.



“Listen to me, Theo. Before you can change the world you must realize that you,

yourself, are part of it. You can’t stand outside looking in”.

We are talking about 「The Dreamers」, a movie that is the very product of dreaming,

and the young man and heroes of dreamers meet in this film, and a story is composed.

This superb film, directed by Bernardo Bertolucci, shows the gap between dream

and reality through free play and pleasure in life.

With this line, we invite you to see the world as you imagine it,

through The Dreamers glasses.



Bryan Singer’s 「Usual Suspect」 is a film that comes up whenever

the word ‘reversal’ comes up.

The ending that reversed the story was simply impressive.

Accrue’s ‘Usual’ looks special, but it also features a design that goes well with any style, and it will just be unexpected.



Michel Gondry’s 「Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind」 is a film where Jim Carrey

showed how incredible good he could be.

This movie got us questioning- does love remains, even after the memory has been erased?

Forgetfulness can wipe away feelings?

This movie is for the heartbroken, and in its profound script, find its way to heal you.

Earnest look for Jim Carrey, who had always been a comedy actor with over-faced expressions,

showed authenticity in the movie as if he is totally different man.

Accrue’s ‘Eternal’ is the frame of sunglass that will be loved for the longest time.



Three Bold Metal Sunglasses series are to pay homage to a male actor with

unforgettable eyes.

Vietnamese film 「Cyclo」 is one of the trilogy of ‘Tran Anh Hung’, that shows the poverty

and human corruption in melancholic way.

In the scene where the sound of Creep of Radiohead flows, you cannot forget the eyes of the

young Leung Chiu-wai, where he –through the loudest silence- says everything without the

need of words.

This line, inspired by the depth of human emotions, has a Bike-shaped design of the frame

which is the distinctive feature.